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School Governors

The Governing Body of the school consists of elected parents, local education authority nominees, foundation governors, parish council representatives and elected teachers. the Governors meet at least twice a week and have general responsibility for the effective management of the school. they work within the framework set by both national legislation and the policies of the local education authority.

Their responsibilities include the appointment and dismissal of staff, discipline, control of the delegated school budget, the forming of curriculum policies and maintenance of the premises. In practice, the Governors delegate the day to day running of the school to the headteacher.

Parents can raise any concerns with a governor at any time, although it is usually more appropriate to contact the headteacher in the first instance.

Election and appointment of Governors take place every four years.

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Louise Beckham Foundation Governor Church 22.03.18 - 21.03.22 n/a n/a  

Sharon Gibson

Parent Governor


01.09.16 - 31.08.20

6 1


Joanne Jaques

LEA Governor

Parish Council

01.09.15 - 31.08.19


Peter Kingsnorth

Co-opted Governor


29.05.15 - 28.05.19

6 3  
Sandra Fitzpatrick
Co-opted Governor
School 01.09.18 - 31.08.22      
Carolyn Godlee Foundation Governor Church 01.09.18 - 31.08.22      
Dennis Preston Co-opted Governor School 01.02.18 - 31.01.22 n/a n/a FGB Vice Chair
Barbara Swann Head Teacher Governor School 01.09.17 n/a n/a  
Lauren Thomas Parent Governor School 20.07.17 - 19.07.21 n/a n/a  

Anja Tyler

Staff Governor



5 1  

Justine Youngman

Co-opted Governor


12.07.17 –11.07.21

7 4 FGB Chair

Jenny Cobb

Foundation Governor


01.09.14 - 31.08.18

Resigned 31.07.18

3 4


Cheryl Latham Co-opted Governor School

20.07.17 - 19.07.21

Resigned 31.07.18

n/a n/a  
Tony Guedes-Ramirez Parent Governor School

01.09.16 - 31.08.20

Resigned 31.07.18

3 1 FC Chair
Ray Holman Co-opted Governor School 29.05.15 - 28.05.19
Resigned 02.02.18
5 2  
Ken Grundy Associate Governor School 11.10.14 - 10.10.18
Resigned 20.07.17
5 4  
Shelagh Mackey Co-opted Governor School 29.05.15 - 28.05.19
Resigned 20.07.17
Rita Plumb Foundation Governor Church 20.07.17 - 19.07.21
Resigned 15.11.17
n/a n/a  

Jo Ross

Foundation Governor Church 01.09.15 - 31.08.19
Resigned 20.07.17
Jenny Stevens Head Teacher Governor School 01.09.08
Resigned 29.08.17
7 4  

* The Governing Body holds specific committee meetings on an 'as required' basis and governors attend as necessary.

Attendance last academic year (2016-17)  FGB = Full Governing Board    FC = Finance Committee    PC = Personnel Committee

Governors’ Other Interests

Cheryl Latham Proprietor, Benington Nursery


Teaching Staff

Barbara Swann (Headteacher)
Anja Tyler

(Deputy Head & SENCO)
Ellie Scott
Julia Beaven
Annie Garlick
Paige Oakley




Teaching Assistants

Jan Presland (higher Level)

Sarah Cotton

Karen Macleod

Hayley Jordan

Louise Bugden

Alex Gould

Chloe Shadbolt (MSA and After School Club Assistant)

Donna Baxter (After School Club Leader)

Kelsey Stark (After School Club Assistant)







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Support Staff

Tina Hughes – Finance Secretary
Sarah Cotton – Admin Assistant
Janet Burchell – Admin Assistant


Andy Digby – Caretaker
Donna Baxter– Cleaner
Sam Pulfer - Cleaner














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