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New Academic Year Welcome Meeting September 2018 - Please click here to view handouts.

New Term Class letter, Autumn 2018 - Please click here.


During our Science Topic, “Mini Worlds”, we investigated habitats and food chains.  We learnt lots of new vocabulary such as conditions, producer, consumer, predator, prey and energy flow.  We searched our school field and wildlife area for micro-habitats and explored the creatures that could live there, depending on the conditions (warm, dry, dark etc). 

We designed our own micro-habitats – a hedgehog house!  We thought carefully about the conditions we would need to create and then worked incredibly hard to make them.  We worked fantastically to help each other and to share the resources.

Finally, a few of the houses were placed in our wildlife area.  Hopefully, someone will move in soon!

natural habitats natural habitats natural habitats

world book day 2018

The Great Fire of London

As part of our Great Fire of London topic, we looked at photos from London 1666 and compared the houses to modern day houses. This helped us understand what we needed to include when designing our own Tudor style houses. We needed thatched roofs, wooden beams, a chimney, a jetty and small glass windows. We worked with a partner to help each other securely join our resources together. We folded, cut and stuck very carefully!

Great fire of London Great fire of London

They all looked absolutely amazing! Even better than the real things!

Great fire of London Great fire of London Great fire of London Great fire of London

Finally, we decided to burn some of the houses!  It began in the bakery in Pudding Lane, and spread throughout London!  Don’t worry! We were very safe, we all stayed well back and had Mr Digby on stand by with a bucket of water and the fire extinguisher.

Great fire of London

Visit from Stevenage Fire Station

On Thursday 1st February, we welcomed Stevenage Fire Station to school.  We showed off all our knowledge about the Great fire of London and then learnt some valuable safety information.  We loved exploring the fire engine, sitting inside and even had a chance to spray the hose!

fire engine visit fire engine visit fire engine visit

Fire of London Workshop

In Willow Class this half term, our history topic has been The Great Fire of London.  It has been so interesting to learn about what happened, how the fire started, how it spread so quickly and how it was eventually controlled and put out.

We had a visit from North Herts Museum and we got to examine artefacts similar to those used in 1666 such as leather buckets, squirts and the protective clothing worn by those who tried to fight the fire.

We then created ‘broadsheets’, imagining we were King Charles, Mr/Mrs Farrinor, Thomas Bloodworth or a fire-fighter.  We explained our feelings, where we lived, who our hero was and also who we blamed. It was very interesting listening to other people’s opinions and who they blamed.

fire of london fire of london

Willow joined Acorn Class for their Christmas Nativity.

2017 nativity

Remembrance day learning:

To honor those who gave their lives during WW1 and the service men and women who are still risking their lives to protect us today, Willow Class made their own poppy wreaths.  We learnt the meaning behind the poppy and why it is so important.

We drew and cut around our hands to create a poppy shape and then we wrote prayers on the back thanking all the brave men and women.

We walked to the local church to lay our wreaths alongside others.  We were very grateful and respectful.

willow remembrance day learning willow remembrance day learning willow remembrance day learning








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